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About us

It’s a familiar situation, isn’t it? You come home from work tired out and you can’t be bothered to spend another hour looking for an appropriate date. Fortunately, there is, where you can search and make contact online according to your own needs.

Make contact with someone near you:

This is how the idea started for developing the platform, which offers a simple and convenient solution in this situation. On our site, you won’t only find women and men to satisfy your needs. You can also use to contact people directly online with a few clicks and without incurring any additional cost!

You don’t need to register and everything is done on an anonymous basis. Nobody will be aware of your activity.

As innovative young entrepreneurs with a sensual and technical background, we are keen to continuously improve the offering on both in terms of content and technology and to make it more attractive.  Do you have any suggestions or ideas on this? If so, please let us know: